The wealth of dance currently being explored and created across all parts of the globe continues to defy definition. Dismantling, fragmenting, rephrasing…each era of artists subverting that which has passed before. With a frim grip on the future and an unashamed commitment to those artists looking to challenge the rules, nottdance plays a host to a collection of bold and uncompromising artists from this constantly evolving world.

Welcome to the nottdance festival of international dance 2002.

Over 3 weeks you can witness some of the most extraordinary talents in dance and performance. New aesthetics continue to emerge from the most influential figures in British dance Rosemary Butcher and Jonathan Burrows, forging fresh relationships between dance and real life. From abroad, existential questions are asked by Martine Pisani’s Sans – her captivatingly simple performance which even outwits the performers on stage. Thomas Lehmen’s Mono Subjects tackles the complex structures of identity, originality and fake in a highly entertaining caustic manner. Willi Dorner’s Mazy is a fascinating dance performance consisting of intricate, tender and gripping solos and duets which step away from the usual prescribed language of movement to question the body and self-awareness. Finally we are delighted to welcome back Felix Ruckert and his company who will continue their investigation into the unconventional and intimate relationships between performer and spectator through their research project Love University.

Whether a newcomer to dance of a familiar face, the festival promises to entertain, inspire and provoke. Indulge yourself…

Jane Greenfield / Ayla Suveren.

Nottdance 2002 includes works by :

Akram Khan (UK)

Ben Wright (UK)

Déjá Donné (CZ)

Felix Ruckert (DE)

Henri Oguike (UK)

Jonathan Burrows and Jan Ritsema (UK)

Marie Fitzpatrick (UK)

Martine Pisani (FR)

Northern Stage Ensemble & Kneehigh Theatre (UK)

Protein Dance (UK)

Rosemary Butcher (UK)

Russell Maliphant (UK)

Show Room (UK)

Thomas Lehmen (DE)

Willi Dorner (AS)

Wlater Haman & Jose Navas (US)/ (CA)

Yolande Snaith (UK)

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